Dare Matheson web loggery.


Some animal mazes…

I am working on a series of animal mazes. Freehand, with a sharpie. I have to figure out the maze as I go – no sketching first or any planning whatsoever. Thems the rules….


King Cardinal

Puffing with pride… until you conquer his secret!


Portrait of a relative….


1) Owlish maze…

2) OWLISH ANIMATION (link below)…

OWL ANIMATION – click here. yes – click.

Funny… There is a blurry splotch that appears in the animation for one frame around when the ‘START’ arrow starts to draw… that is a little spider that rappelled down onto my paper from the camera tripod. I should have included him in the animation, but didn’t think of it until after i blew him off the desk!


…not actually in the sand, but that’s prob ok.


Population: infinity dinosaurs… plus one.


…looks kind of smug, like most dinosaurs do.